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See below our Terms and Conditions for this years event. All terms are in place to ensure SMiLE is a safe and enjoyable event for all ages. Please ensure you are aware of the T&C's before the day.

1) 1 ticket = 1 admission. For family tickets, 1 ticket = 2 adults and 2 children.

2) Purchased tickets will be scanned and swapped on the gate for a wristband which will enable re-entry into the arena.

3) Wristbands are not transferable and any member of festival staff may request to see your wristband at any time. Failure to produce a valid wristband may result in your removal from the event.

4) No food is to be brought into the festival. This includes picnics, as well as packaged food.
5) No alcohol is to be brought into the festival. Any alcohol found on a person that was not purchased at the event will invalidate their ticket.
6) No illegal substances of any kind. This will result in eviction from the event.
7) Children under 12 years old are only valid with an adult ticket. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
8) We reserve the right to refuse admission to children who are not accompanied by an adult.

9) Disabled/Elderly access is available on request which will include a limited number of seating. Please email to request one of these seats.

10) Portable camping chairs or similar are not permitted on site. Some seating will be available onsite during the event.

11) No sharp objects of any kind to be brought into the event e.g. knives.
12) No glass of any shape, type or form to be brought into the event.
13) Anti-social, disruptive or abusive behaviour is not permitted at any time and may result in your removal from the festival.
14) No animals except guide dogs are allowed on site. Please email before you arrive at the festival so that staff can be notified.
15) Please help us to make your experience even better by taking your litter home or using the bins on site to dispose of it correctly and cleanly.
16) No portable BBQ’s or items with a naked flame such as sky lanterns, fireworks or flares will be allowed on site.
17) Should the event be cancelled for any reason, you shall receive a refund to the face value of your ticket. Should the event be rescheduled, your ticket will still stand.
18) The festival line-up may be altered at any point, should this happen and affect you we cannot take responsibility for loss of money or costs should an advertised act not perform.
19) Festival security staff may be required to conduct body and/or bag searches upon your entrance to the festival and during the event. Any person who refuses to be searched by staff may be asked to leave the site and refused admittance.
20) When conducting bag/body searches items can be confiscated that are prohibited onto the site as stated in the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

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